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Effective Herbal Erectile Dysfunction and Anti-impotence Capsules Supplement
Vastim's advanced formulation is effective within 60 - 90 minutes.
Guaranteed to work from Friday to Sunday (all weekend) on 1 single dose
Now a truly effective alternative for Erectile Dysfunction sufferers!
Vastim will put you back on top again! - Fast!
  Vastim Super Check List   

  Vastim works within 90 minutes
  Effects of up to 80 hours or more are known
  Well tolerated product
  Sold world wide into over 20 countries
  Cost Effective

  Say goodbye to: Limp Erections
  Say goodbye to: Low Libido
  Say goodbye to: Premature ejaculation!
  Say goodbye to: Sexual Performance anxiety!
  Say hello to: Definite larger, firmer erections
  Say hello to: Stronger orgasms
  Say hello to: Giving your women multiple orgasms
  Say hello to: Complete performance confidence

  Herbal Boosted Formula  
Vastim Capsules are formulated using natural herbal technology known for effectiveness and performance.    Only herbal ingredients selected for their purity and potency are used in this advanced formula.

  Synergistic Formulation  
  The secret to Vastim's performance is by the use of Synergy in the formulation
Synergistic formulating results in greater effectiveness of the naturally included ingredients by the action of synergy
  Statistically Vastim is tops!  
Product Name Onset Time Effective No of Hours Has Side Effects? Prescription req
ViagraViagra TM Viagra plus minus45 Minutes Viagra duration4 hours Many Required
CialisCialis TM Cialis plus minus30 - 60 Minutes Cialis duration36 hours Many Required
TM Levitra plus minus30 minutes Levitra duration4 hours Moderate Required
Vastim Panlat TM Vastim plus minus 30 - 90 Minutes vastim duration 80 hours None None
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